Proposed Services

BIL provides an internet-based – and thus permanently available – process, based on digital processing of location information using IT-based work(force) management systems. In order to create as much acceptance as possible throughout the building industry, BIL will be available free of charge to enquiring companies. Coverage of the underground infrastructure that is as complete as possible and a high degree of user friendliness will add to the attractiveness of the portal for the user. BIL focuses on the core process of checking responsibility for a particular area in order to access the online planning information systems of the relevant operators without interfering with the internal workflow implemented there.

The BIL enquiry platform will thus enable enquiring building contractors to enter their digging request with all technical details, a detailed description of the project and construction site classification, as a building area based on geographical location information. By comparing the building area to the service areas of the pipeline operators (which are invisible to the enquirer), BIL checks online who is responsible for the pipelines in the area and then sends the enquirer a list of these company or companies. The operators in charge in turn receive the information from BIL, check if they are affected and communicate all information via the BIL portal. This way the task of checking if their pipelines are affected remains with the pipeline company and their planning information generates the relevant information for the enquirer.