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The foundation of BIL eG by 17 German pipeline companies from the chemical, high-pressure gas and mineral oil sectors June 15th 2015 cleared the path for developing the national information system for pipeline enquiries, BIL.

After operational start in February 2016 BIL is providing the first German cost-free portal to ask for digging information on underground energy and telecommunication infrastructure. As operators, it has been a particular problem for the founding members of BIL eG, that no complete information about the location and route of subterranean pipelines is available to the construction industry. It might often take several years before damage to the underground infrastructure is identified during monitoring and inspection measures. If civil protection operations need to be carried out, because a construction company unexpectedly hits a pipeline during earthworks, significant additional costs are incurred. At the same time name changes, organisational changes and unknown supply areas and service zones do not make it particularly easy for the construction industry to identify relevant companies and contact persons. In times of ever increasing construction activities, it is therefore necessary to standardize and simplify information requests on underground energy and telecommunication infrastructure.


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Technical Article by Jens Focke, published in Pipeline Technology Journal, Issue May 2016 (pdf)